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Hey I'm Liz. I have no idea how you found my tumblr but here's the basics of my blog. I reblog/post random things, basically anything that piques my intrest.

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wait people are mad about that line where Nicki says fuck skinny bitches???bruuuuuuuh its not like its a personal attack on you, shes saying forget this wanting to be skinny business and embrace your body. 

you guys need to chill. REEVALUATE YOUR LIFE.

*takes a breather* really the internet is a great place, but theres some sides of it you just wish didn’t exist.

im all for people exploring their identities, but when you start believing your an actual reincarnation of a FICTIONAL character you need to stop. winchester-kin isn’t a thing and you need to stop and reevaluate your life. otherkin is actually a belief where in a person feels that they are a reincarnation of some animal, and you know i respect that, do you. but some of yall treat this as some sort of game, ITS AN ACTUAL SPIRITUAL BELIEF, treat it as such.

Graduation gift idea: a Hattori Hanzō sword

Bitey Fangdanas - THREE colours available
[Mod Note: These are UV reactive, so they glow under blacklights!]

Bitey Fangdanas - THREE colours available



[Mod Note: These are UV reactive, so they glow under blacklights!]

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  1. What phobias do you have, if any? Being crushed slowly to death.
  2. Art comes in many forms. What is your preferred medium? Defiantly story telling
  3. List three albums that you could listen to on repeat for the next year. You Are All I See by Active Child, the upcoming FEMM album, and Ocular Spectacular by MGMT
  4. Who is the one person that can make you laugh and smile, no matter how you’re feeling? ….
  5. Your favorite fandom and your favorite blog to follow within that fandom? Uhhh i don’t really have a favorite fandom I kinda drift here and there so I cant really answer this.
  6. What is the worst thing you’ve ever said to another person? Something along the lines of “Your mother really should’ve gotten that abortion back then”
  7. Describe your dream home to me, including the location. Hmmmm probably a nice victorian with updated finishes except eff this open-concept trend going on I HATE IT. Location doesn’t really matter but def in some New England-esque town.
  8. If you were a dragon, what would you hoard? Books! 
  9. Your favorite toy to play with growing up? Legos, as a child i was somewhat different because i would organize legos by shape colour and size, I always found it to be a comforting experience.
  10. If you could sell your soul and, in exchange, be granted any wish you could think of, what would it be? Probably more wishes I have a hard time with decisions.
  11. Everyone has a best friend, or at least something close to it. Why do you love your best friend? i guess we ‘get’ each other on some sort of cosmic, spiritual, emotional level.

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damn…. todays free episode was so sad but i want haru to yell all of the words he did straight into my bootyass. no restraint